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Do you ever ask yourself, "Why me?"

Many of our clients feel as if they are alone in experiencing hair loss. Let me reassure you, you are not alone.

We at Eclipse understand that hair loss can be emotionally disturbing. We want you to feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and fears with us. When considering all of your options, you will need the special consideration that we at Eclipse thrive on. We share an abundance of knowledge with you and help you get your thoughts together. 

There is absolutely no pressure to buy anything. Our first meeting is complimentary and you will receive professional recommendations. All of your options will be laid out; from the most conservative to the more transformational. Included we will discuss preventative and maintenance measures for hair loss and the cosmetic solutions. 

We strive to educate our clients and to bring solutions to our  community. We serve clients all over the country and even the world!

Please check out our review section on this website to see how our clients feel about our services and product quality. We look forward to getting to know you!


Meet Sara

Thank you for considering the following information regarding my expertise! I humbly extend an invitation to connect personally as well.

The training I have has been developed by top leaders in the industry and is extensive. Thousands of hours have been dedicated to perfecting my training. I have pleased hundreds of clients -- men, women, and children over the past six years that I have been a hair replacement specialist. Education in Behavioral Science at the University of Michigan-Dearborn has enhanced my career. Also, I completed a youth exchange program through Rotary International after completing high school at Mercy High. I studied as an exchange student in Guayaquil, Ecuador for 1 year. I believe my exchange experience has built a solid foundation for me to understand people beyond cultural and societal barriers. Building a solid rapport with my clients is important to me. I consider each client to be unique and to also be a work of art.

I use human and synthetic hair additions to create looks for individuals. Those that I serve include: anyone who suffers from hair loss OR anyone who suffers from any degree of insecurity in relation to their hair. My goals is to make my creations as natural and undetectable as possible.

I am here to be a support for you!

Please call or message me for a personal evaluation.

Most Sincerely,

Sara Micallef

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